If you are a single male we regret to inform you that our organization is open to couples & single women only; however:

1. If you desire to host a party in your home, we'll help coordinate and will extend an invitation to our members.

2. A "splinter group" hosts parties for couples and single women who are interested in partying with "personable, attractive, fit, endowed" single men. If you think you qualify and are willing to take a HIV test, send an e-mail to: bosbbs@beld.net. Be sure to include your phone number or you will get no response. Only two attempts will be made to contact you. Answer your phone!

3. We are actively looking for a commercial building to purchase. If you are interested in investing with us, give us a call. This building would be rented to the club; and as an owner .....

4. "Friday Night Fantasy 'Barely Legal' Lounge/Dance Parties" are not normally open to single men; However, a limited number of men may have the opportunity to attend the dances and host a "after party" in a nearby hotel suite.

5. If you are bisexual, you may wish to send e-mail to: webmaster@bbpg.org.

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